behind the scenes of engine ki seeti

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7 billion people on this planet but you had to flirt with the one I love.

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Please remember me and my family in your duas. That I make the right decision, that my father is happy with me, and that my mom gets all the happiness in this world and much much more.

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crey crey


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Let’s be honest. If the HNY team did Humshakals and new comers did HNY, Humshakals would have been praised and HNY would have been criticized. It just shows how star power is valued more than content.

omg same. It literally sounds like tees maar khan, but this one will be a hit.

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Zindagi gulzar hai, Yeh ishq ka darbar hai, Kisi ke gham ko baatna, hii pyaar hai..

Zindagi gulzar hai, Yeh ishq ka darbar hai, yahan ghamoon ko palnaa, bekaar hai..

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Hassan proposed Bano part 1

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exclusive stills from khoobsurat - filmfare

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Waseem Noor at Pakistan Fashion Week London 2014 [x]
[please expand!]


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karan wahi
karan tacker
karan singh grover
karan v grover
karanvir bohra

can someone explain why there are so many damn karans out there in tellywood?

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Who needs chairs when you have Arjun Kapoor 😉


Who needs chairs when you have Arjun Kapoor 😉